Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hohoho...aku pun nk tulis gaK...

now it has been 2 days since i installed ubuntu linux...
yesterday, the installer CD for uBuntu 8.10 desktop has
arrived at my house.
hmm...the GUI (graphical user interface) for ubuntu are great and
many thing/effect can be done...
yeah,it is so beautiful and wonderful with the effect and visual like

in windows, i use Dev-cpp and jfe gcc to compile and run C++..
in ubuntu, we can use Ajunta IDE and Code::Block IDE...there is also other
compiler that can be use, but i still didn't try and didn't know how
to use it...same as windows, there is minGW Developer Studio...but i didn't
try it yet...because i already using Dev-cpp and comfortable and i like it.

in my opinion, ubuntu is not so quite hard
to understand how it working and how to use it function...i'm still trying to adept
to ubuntu...when i installed ubuntu, the problem is, the driver for my graphic card
and wireless adapter..after i update and activate the driver for my graphic card,
the problem is resolve...but still there are problem for my wireless connection..
i can't connect to any wireless network and it even didn't detect any wireless network
that are around me...please can someone help me? i still didn't seek for help in the internet
yet....this evening i will try again...

hmm, for ubuntu developer/geek/user.....or anyone know about this....can someone tell me...
i'm install Cairo Dock and update it, so i have many theme for it...then i change the theme to
_britz (if i'm not mistaken)...then my 'systray icon' (all the icon beside volume icon in the bar)
are gone...when i first activate the theme, it says '''stealing the systray icon''' and then the
'systray icon' are detach from the upper bar and floating in the desktop...huhu, does someone know
how to attach it back?

i'm quite enjoy using it,but still it is quite difficult to understand all it function/ability....
i don't know, mybe it interface are too simple or too complicated...either one...all we can access
is already in the toolbar at the upper use ubuntu, we need to 'play' a lot with
coding/code/typing/writing...huhu, is there any 'task manager' look-alike?..
in windows, there is Command Prompt and in uBuntu Linux, it is called Terminal...a lot can be done
using it....

{ sudo apt-get }


maa said...

haha...ko nyer wireless adapter tu yang problem...bukan ubuntu...

matnormyth89 said...

hahaha...lucu bebenor tuan hamba...hamba tidak rasa begitu...kerna jikalau hamba menggunakan windows, hamba bleh connect ngan internet...kalo dotasiswa, mengikut statistik, hmba nye laptop yg paling skit/kurang terdisconnect atau/dan lag....i'm very proud of it...hehe :P