Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Run Command in Vista

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Esc] --> Task Manager

At Run Command
shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder – opens the Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) window.
shell:Sendto – opens the SendTo folder so that you can easily add more locations to the Send To list.
shell:Common Administrative Tools – opens the Administrative Tools menu as a folder
shell:Desktop – opens the Desktop as a folder.
shell:Downloads – opens your Downloads folder.
shell:Quick Launch – opens the Quick Launch folder.
shell:Searches – opens the Search folder showing all your saved searches

shell:AppUpdatesFolder - opens the Installed Windows Updates location in Program and Files.
shell:Cache - opens Internet Explorer’s temporary internet files folder.
shell:CD Burning - opens the folder where Windows Vista temporarily stores files to be burned to a CD.
shell:Common Desktop - opens the Public Users Desktop folder.
shell:Common Documents - opens the Public Users Documents folder.
shell:Common Programs - opens the Start menu shortcuts folder.
shell:Common Start Menu - opens the Start Menu as a folder.
shell:Common Startup - opens the Startup folder.
shell:Common Templates - opens the Templates folder.
shell:CommonDownloads - opens the Public Users Downloads folder.
shell:CommonMusic - opens the Public Users Music folder.
shell:CommonPictures - opens the Public Users Pictures folder.
shell:CommonVideo - opens the Public Users Video folder.
shell:ConflictFolder - opens the Sync Center Conflicts folder.
shell:ConnectionsFolder – opens the Network Connections folder.
shell:Contacts - opens your Contacts folder.
shell:ControlPanelFolder - opens the Control Panel.
shell:Cookies - opens the cookies folder
shell:Favorites - opens your Favorites folder.
shell:Fonts - opens Vista’s Fonts folder.
shell:Gadgets - opens your Windows Sidebar Gadgets folder.
shell:History - opens the Internet Explorer history folder.
shell:InternetFolder - opens Internet Explorer.
shell:Links - opens your Links folder location.
shell:MyMusic - opens your Music folder.
shell:MyPictures - opens your Pictures folder.
shell:MyVideo - opens your Video folder.
shell:MyComputerFolder - opens Computer window.
shell:NetHood - opens Network Shortcuts folder.
shell:NetworkPlacesFolder - opens the Network Places location.
shell:Original Images - opens Windows Photo Gallery Original Images folder.
shell:Personal - opens your Documents folder.
shell:PhotoAlbums - opens your Slide Show folder.
shell:Playlists - opens your Playlists folder.
shell:PrintersFolder - opens Printers in the Control Panel.
shell:Profile - opens your main folder.
shell:ProgramFiles - opens the Program Files folder.
shell:Public - opens the Public User folder.
shell:Recent - opens the Recent Items folder.
shell:RecycleBinFolder - opens the Recycle Bin folder.
shell:Start Menu - opens Start Menu folder.
shell:Startup - opens the Startup folder
shell:System - opens the System32 folder location.
shell:Templates - opens the Templates folder location.
shell:UserProfiles - opens the Users folder.
shell:UsersFilesFolder - opens your main folder.
shell:Windows - opens the Windows folder.