Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surat Untuk Awak!!

Saya sukakan awak
Tp, itu tidak bermakna saya sukakan perbuatan awak..

Saya suka berkawan dengan awak
Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya suka tengok awak berdua-duaan dengan lelaki itu

Saya memang sayangkan awak
Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya suka tengok awak membonceng motosikal lelaki itu

Saya memang tidak suka marah awak
Tapi itu tidak bermakna saya tidak kisah awak membiarkan pipi awak dicubit lelaki itu

Saya memang jenis tak kisah (kisah sebenarnya!!)
Tapi,itu tidak bermakna saya tak tahu apa awak buat dengan lelaki itu (saya banyak link k..jadi berhati-hatilah kerana saya telah banyak mengupah SB mengintip awak)

Saya memang orang yang tak pandai tegur
Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya suka awak berpegangan tangan dengan lelaki itu

Saya pernah dengar cinta itu indah dan harus dibuktikan (amboi3!!)
Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya setuju dengan kenyataan itu

Saya tahu perbuatan mencium orang yang disayangi √°dalah bukti kasih kita
TAPI, ITU TIDAK BERMAKNA AWAK WAJIB CIUM PIPI LELAKI ITU! (arghhh..tamparan hebat buat saya!!)

Saya bukanlah orang yang baik, saya tahu itu
Tapi, apabila melihat awak, saya rasa kucing lagi baik daripada awak
Eloklah kiranya saya berkawan dengan kucing sahaja
‘meow..meow..meh makan meh’…hu3

Saya tahu, kadang-kadang saya tiada masa menemani awak berhibur,
Tapi,itu tidak bermakna saya suka apabila awak keluar membeli belah bersama lelaki itu

(walaupun awak kata awak keluar dengan teman perempuan, tetapi deria keenam saya dapat tahu awak kuar dengan lelaki itu….! Ooohhhh…tidak..)

Saya memang pendengar yang setia
Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya suka mendengar cerita awak mengenai lelaki itu

Saya tahu saya perlu katakan ‘I love u’ pada ayah mak, adik beradik, sahabat n isteri (ops,silap, saya x kawen lg)
Tapi, saya tak tahu pula mengucapkan 3 perkataan cinta itu perlu diucapkan kepada lelaki itu……(mudahnya awak melafazkan sayang)

Tapi, itu tidak bermakna saya…….

Saya harap awak faham

Kalau awak sukakan Sangat lelaki itu, ajaklah dia kawen, tak perlu buang masa dan tenaga membuat perkara maksiat..bukan saja menambah dosa awak, tetapi dosa orang lain juga…kalau awak malu, SAYA DENGAN BERBESAR HATI MENJADI ORANG TENGAH..korang juz prepare duet jek…!

Saya harap awak faham
Cinta yang sebenarnya bukanlah dari lelaki itu..kerana cinta yang mulia, datang dari Pencipta Cinta…cukuplah berlakon di dunia yang hina ini….cinta itu fitrah, jangan disalahkan perasaan itu, tetapi cinta perlukan hidayah. Kalau tiada Hidayah, maka ia akan menjadi FITNAH…cukuplah orang mengutuk dan berkata macam-macam terhadap awak..
Saya harap awak faham

Lelaki yang baik, tidak akan mengambil kesempatan terhadap perempuan yang dia sayangi..yakinkah dia √°dalah suamimu…?yakinkah tubuh awak itu, untuk lelaki itu?
Adakah dia lelaki yang baik? Adakah dia mampu menjadi IMAM awak?bagaimana dengan surah hafazan lelaki itu? Kalau setakat 3 Qul..mmm…mimpi dalam mimpi….

Berbanding dengan lelaki itu, saya lebih-lebih lagi sayangkan awak…
Saya harap awak faham

Awak adalah wanita, yang punya maruah yang tinggi..janganlah menunjukkan aksi-aksi yang ‘saya tak tahu nak cakap apa’ kerana walau tinggi mana pun ilmu awak, kalau awak buat perkara-perkara yang ‘ saya tak tahu nak gelar sebagai apa’, awak tetap dicop sebagai orang yang bodoh..menyerahkan harta awak sebelum awak halal berbuat demikian

Ya Allah
Ya Allah
Ya Allah

Ya Ghaffar, ampunilah dosa-dosa kami…kami lalai, kami alpa dengan dunia, maka Kau ampunilah kami, kerana Engkau Maha Penyayang, Maha Pengampun, Maha Mengasihani….
Awak…kita masih ada masa untuk bertaubat..janganlah hanya jadi ‘orang yang tahu buat’..janganlah awak buat saya sedih lagi…kerana, awak adalah orang yang sangat saya sayang..saya pernah dengar, tak baek menyakiti orang yang sayangkan kita..tapi, awak nampaknya lebih menjaga hati lelaki itu daripada saya..tak apa, nanti saya berunding dengan lelaki itu, jika diizinkanNya…tetapi, saya harap, awak dan dia tiada apa-apa lagi sebelum saya bertemu dengan lelaki itu…

hambaNya yang sayangkan ‘awak’
InsyaAllah..kita bertemu lagi di lain hari, jika diizinkan bernafas dan diizinkan bertemu dengan ‘awak’….saya nak nanges nie….tu maksudnya saya sayangkan awak..tapi ALLAH lagi-lagi-laggiiiii sayangkan awak..percayalah…walaupun lelaki itu tiada di sisi, ingatlah Allah ada menemani…awak..sayangkan saya x…?eh..silap..awak sayangkan dan cintakan Allah x..?tepuk dada Tanya IMAN..jangan ditanya pada selera.kerana selera itu berpaksikan nafsu semata yang datangnya dr syaitan toek itu…

Maafkan saya jika bahasa saya ini seperti kejam…tetapi, awak nampknya bersikap kejam terhadap diri sendiri..jadi, mungkin apabila saya bersikap kejam, akan mengahsilkan sesuatu yang neutral..cas negatif bertemu dengan cas negatif akhirnya kan menjadi positif..betul kan?kan?kan? maaf, saya orang sains bukannya sastera..x pandai bermadah…xpandai berbicara romantis…wuah..apa yang saya cakapkan ini…wallahualam.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

VC USM Say : Ketuanan Is About Guardianship

Today the word "boss" is used pervasively. One can be called "boss" at the most unexpected of times by a parking attendant, a salesperson, or just anyone with whom you deal with. In a way, it is subtly polite and conveys a certain respect by those who utter it, without any sense of being inferior, less still to imply a subordinate or "slave" relationship, even mometarily! Somehow it is nicely done, perhaps in good fun.

Change boss to mean "tuan", and suddenly the fun is gone, especially among the political paranoiacs. All of a sudden, it conjectures a derogatory meaning, not because "tuan" is "boss" but rather, because the one who utters it habours an inferior complex that he or she is now a "hamba" or slave.

Ironically still, instead of working out their inferior emotions, they prefer to stretch the meaning of the word "tuan" beyond recognition. And worst of all, they take much for granted through their ignorance of the language, the culture and other nuances from which the word emanates. Also, they do not have the credentials to make authoritative interpretations, without creating more confusion, that is.

Hence, when we hear someone say "ketuanan" means "supremacy" — implying that "tuan" is more than just a boss, but a "supreme being" of some sort — and naively assume that this is the case, they proceed to systematically demolish the term "ketuanan". Thus, the claim that "ketuanan" is no longer relevant.

Another argument is that the term is not mentioned in the Constitution, as though the Constitution is devoid of historical and traditional context at all. Then, comes the myopic suggestion to equate the term "ketuanan" simply to "special rights" so that it can be grounded constitutionally. The logic, perhaps, is that a tuan is always endowed with some sort of special rights. If so, special rights do signify that there is a tuan, and thus ketuanan.

Despite all these, deep down, it is apparent there are people who still want to be tuan in their bid for power and position, at times unashamedly. Whether one is morally qualified seems not to matter. More glaring is the insistence to be addressed as "Yang Berhormat (YBJ Tuan so-and-so", while "Encik", which is the cultural norm, somehow does not suffice. Unless, of course, one is a "Haji" (or Hajjah), which is limited only to Muslims. In this case, it is not. So why the tuan? Irrelevant, you say.
Apparently not, it seems.

In a nutshell, such is the level of political hypocrisy, and the gutter politics we see today fuelled by ignorance and emotions. In reality, "tuan" is neither master nor anything supreme. Nothing near what non-Muslims usually refer to as "Tuan Allah"— the Supreme Being! Similarly, "ketuanan" is not at all about supremacy. Not even close to the Ku Klux Klan, the self-proclaimed white supremacy group. All the fuss, thus far has been pure nonsensical, political rubbish, nothing more. Its foremost interest is to impact one small political world, where it matters, and not the world of truth. The truth, to these people, is mere political correctness. For them, it is all right to be truthfully wrong!

To those who care about the depth of the Malay culture, ketuanan is none other than guardianship. More of "tuan empunya" or "ownership" as in Persekutuan Tanah Melayu where the Malays and its Sultanates are the rightful "guardian-owners"; similarly, for the people of Sabah and Sarawak and their respective states in Malaysia, and not about special rights as some people want us to believe.

Incidentally, the bumiputeras are not proud of the so-called "special rights" which in reality are mere tokens of guilt for those who have forever disadvantaged the traditional communities. Rather, it is about alienated rights, just as the Chinese have over China, the Indians over India and the Filipinos over the Philippines. Each is indeed the guardian-owner of their country, and certainly, they are "tuan" in that sense.

As guardian-owners, they would stick through thick and thin with the country the way naval captains ("tuans!") are prepared to go down with their ships rather than abandon them like other passengers often do, in times of crisis, especially. Hence, "ketuanan" is conceptually very much alive, as it should be.

This way, the concept can be embraced by all Malaysians who wish to embrace the psyche of a tuan, which is the essence of a bangsa Malaysia. Much like Barack Obama who is now the accepted tuan of Americans (and less that of the Klu Klux Klan). In the same way, only the supremacists (racists and bigots included) among us will fail to understand, less still accept, what ketuanan is really about within the evolving historical context of Malaysia. This is all because of their shallow political views.

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10 Peringatan Bumi

Berkata Anas bin Malik R.A. : sesungguhnya setiap hari bumi menyeru manusia dengan 10 perkara:

1. Hai anak Adam! Berjalanlah di atas perutku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan masuk ke dalamnya kelak.

2. Engkau melakukan maksiat di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan diazab di dalam perutku.

3. Engkau ketawa di atas perutku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan menangis di dalam perutku.

4. Engkau bergembira di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan kecewa di dalam perutku.

5. Engkau mengumpul harta di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan menyesal di dalam perutku.

6. Engkau makan benda haram di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan dimakan oleh ulat di dalam perutku.

7. Engkau angkuh di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan dihina di dalam perutku.

8. Engkau berlari dengan riang di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan jatuh di dalam perutku dalam keadaan dukacita.

9. Engkau hidup di dunia bersiramkan cahaya matahari, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan tinggal dalam kegelapan di dalam perutku.

10. Engkau hidup di atas belakangku beramai-ramai, tetapi ingatlah! engkau akan berseorangan di dalam perutku.

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Can't Install XP ++ Dual Boot

Sometimes, some laptop can't installed XP...When we are boot using Windows XP installation DVD/CD, the message will show "No Hard Disk Detected"...
Here some simple way....
-->When your computer are started, press F2 to enter advanced setup or BIOS setup...
-->Then go to SATA mode...changed form AHCI to IDE or to ATA....
-->Then restart your computer with the DVD installatuon, boot using it
-->Thats all, you will be able to install XP...

Okay, let say you already have VIsta installed first on your First Partition.
Then you install XP on the other partition..After you finished installed XP, you will not be able to boot into Vista back because the boot loader for vista and XP is different...
Here the way;
-->Insert DVD/CD Vista, boot using it....
-->When you are boot using it, search for option to "Repair Your Computer"
-->Proceed until next screen, until it gave you some option, select "Repair startup"
-->then after finished, reboot...then you will able to boot into your own Vista directly
-->At this time, you does not given any option to boot to XP
-->Then,in Windows VIsta,In command Prompt
bcdedit -set {ntldr} device partition=C:
bcdedit -set {ntldr} path \ntldr
bcdedit -displayorder {ntldr} -addlast
bcdedit -edit {ntldr} description "Windows XP"