Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is It Possible?

For WInodws user, we are prone to many threat such as virus, trojan and hackers.

Is it possible to have an environment in windows which are invulnerable to threat???

Highly protected, guarded and secured..??? hmm, under some circumstance, for windows user, CAN'T...

There are many reason...figure it out yourself or do research...

Why don't we create our own 'environment'?? virtual place....which are secure enough and protected from threat....

Hmm, lets say named it 'BlueScene' or 'BluePlanet' (doesn't want to use green,it too common)..

What is the purpose?
-> reduce/prevent virus attack ( or threat attack such as hackers, trojan and other malware)
-> have secured environment while doing the work

How it work?
-> 'BluePlanet' work or run as a software, in the windows itself...haven't heard about virtual PC??
-> its hard to explain, hmmm....like this, 'BluePlanet' is a duplicate of current winodws that user had installed in the computer with all the software...
-> user who uses 'BluePlanet' run program in the 'BluePlanet' itself
-> 'BluePlanet' act as a platform (mybe)

How actually it work?
when 'BluePlanet' active or running,
-> no other procress running behind except the trusted and legitimate process
-> user can only use/surfing the internet without cahnaging any setting, run word processing or office software like excel, access, uses database, use software for office/work purpose..
-> user can't change any setting in the computer while 'blueplanet' is rnning and also can't install anything
-> user only can run certain/some executable file (.exe) and 'autorun' is not working.
-> restrict user/process from access a secured file

-> the main aim is for organisation
-> a department have their own work/task..
-> just install software and allow the software/program including their process to run in the 'BluePlanet' only
-> eg: Mr A are from department B, his task needs him to use Microsoft Word...so, in 'BluePlanet', allow Microsoft Word to run.He doesn't need to use Internet Download Manager, so restrict him from using it, 'BluePlanet' wouldn't allowed him to run it

Pening kn?? Aku pun pening gak, nk tulis cmna,nk terang cmna...hahaha...just wondering...

Is It Possible? HMm, anything is possible with enough knowledge..