Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OOyeah..Last Sem..Third Year

27/12/2010..First Day Semester Terakhir..

Serupa tp x sama?

Pic 1

Pic 2

Ikhsan disalahkan sebab salah dftr..haha

Waaaa, dah start rindu dgn korg2 semua termasuklah Madu2 kesygn aku..haha

CLT301 - 6 Unit
AKP202 - 4 Unit
LHP456 - 2 Unit
CST335 - 3 Unit
CMT322 - 3 Unit
HPW102 - 2 Unit

Dua Pilihan Utama Kami -> CST332 or CMT322

Tapi aku Pilih Web - > CMT322

theMythstooDstiLL: Mungkinkah aku sorg je bebudak third year yg amik web??

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Myth Opera 11.0

Just Updated My Opera Web Browser.

Some New and Improve Features.

Why I Use Opera instead of the popular and famous Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Other reason not sure duh.

  • The main reason why i moved from firefox to Opera is because long time ago (actually not really long) -> Whenever i open new tab in firefox or new page(website), my firefox hang for a little while. Very annoying. So i take other alternative , use other browser. And Opera come in mind because i want to try something different from others.
  • Second reason: I'm searching for Mail Client. And I found out that Opera has built-in Mail Client.
  • Third Reason: I always format my laptop so i need to Install firefox and Reinstall all the add-on that i use. In Opera, just install Opera and all what i needed is in there. Bookmark especially.


Why I Like to use Opera?

  • Mail Client:Yup, built-in mail client. Just open Opera, while browsing the web, the Opera Mail will check and retrieve our emel and notify us. We just read the emel from our Opera Browser. No Need to sign in on the Mail Website (Yahoo, Gmail)
  • Speed Dial: Very convinient for me. In Firefox, there is also an add-on called Speed Dial( or Fast Dial i'm not sure) that i use before. In Opera, it already there. No need add-on installation.
  • Bookmark Manager: My Bookmark is easy to manage. Drag and Drop. Grouping. Dropdown and Choose. Save/export the bookmark then import back.
  • Opera Link: Sync the bookmark and speed dial.
  • Default Left Panel: Yup thats the feature of Opera. At the very left, there is a panel that can be easily hide/show. What is in the panel and the use? To ease user to manage thing like bookmark and mail without openaing new tab.
  • History: Same as Bookmark Manager, History also can be manage. In case u like to keep all visited page history and you would like to visit it again (but don't remember the date, just browse and choose from the history panel) or there is some page address/history that you don't want people to know that you had visit, just select the page history and delete (No need delete all history)
  • Password Manager: Easily keep our login information (if we want), the second time we open the page. Just click the Icon and taadaa we had login back. Kinda risky if other people use our Laptop. With it, we also can see which site have we save the login information and delete whichever we don't want. It doesn't show the password and username. Just page/website url/name.
  • Appearence: The default theme is Simple yet Elegant and Tidy (For me)


Other Opera Features that I found interesting/like:

  • Site Preference: Why interesting? It can hide our browser identification. What i mean is website like tracemyip.org can trace our IP,Web Browser,OS and so on. When open the traemyip, it will detect that we are using Opera,but using the Opera Site Preference, we can disguise as other browser (Firefox,IE). When activate,Tracemyip.org will detect that we are using Firefox instead of Opera. Kinda interesting.
  • Opera Dragonfly: Kinda usefull to developer (Web or so on). An integrated debugging environment.We can inspect each element of the visited/opened website and look at the source code (specific code/data for specific element). Test javascript.
  • BitTorrent: Support bittorrent download.
  • Feeds: Subscribe the feeds of the website using Opera Feeds. No Need open Google or other to subscribe and read the web feed. SImilar to Mail Client.
  • Geolocation: Share our location with geolocation supported website like Google Maps or even Twitter. (Yup, even without geolocation, twitter can detect the location..I think)
  • Block Content: Can choose which one to be block. (Firefox Add-on-> AdBlock maybe..automatic block)
  • Open With: Right Click and open thecurrent site/page with other browser. (Very useful in certain time if the layout or something not functioning in Opera.)
  • Website Security: See the security of the website. Trusted, Secure, Encrypted. Whether the connection is encrypted and save to exchange sensitive information using the website. Wheter the website provide enough information and the record is clean. Report the website. Etc.


Some other Opera feature:

  • Private Tab and Private Window (Similar to Private Browsing in Firefox)
  • Look into Tab: Preview the Tab Content (Website) when mouseover the tab.
  • Stacking Tab.
  • And so on......other..bla bla bla..not interest with other..haha


Bad side of Opera:

  • Too many Resource/Processes memory use. (Don't know what it was call). Open Task Manager and look under the Processes Tab. Opera consume much more memory than others. (Opera 100,000k while Firefox 70,000k)
  • Too many additional thing that are not realize or fully use by the user :D
  • Too many sarcasm out there about the browser comparison (For example, most pre-installed computer has IE. Normal user like My Mom,Younger Sister or others outside, will only use IE because it already there. Only need to browse the web, don't bother with other thing. Opera, wasteful because ,many function and consume much memory but many/most people don't fully use it) ZZZZzzz
  • New Opera (10.00 and above) can't integrated with Download Manager (FDM, IDM etc)
  • Sometimes, to activate/use flash/javascript in the website, need to click at the object first to activate it. (I believe for security purpose maybe. Prevent some script to activate without user consent)
  • Etc...



For Me. I'm satisfied with Opera. Suit my need. Although i'm currently use Opera,but sometimes i use Firefox. Why? Whenever i want to download (Because just click the link, then my FDM detect it and download). Also whenever want to download streaming video such as in FB or Youtube. Actually most of the feature is in Firefox (need to install Firefox Add-on) and i'm always install (long time ago while i'm still use firefox).

I found out the reason why my Firefox always 'hang', it is because of the BitDefender Phising tool add-on in the firefox. Need to disable it then my firefox is Ok.

P/s: This is not a comparison,promote or 'Pengampuan', Just why I Use Opera and my personal view. (Bukan dpt bayaran pun kalau promote, buang karen je..haha)

Opera Feature

Opera Help

Good comparison is when two (or more) product is compare in a way that people see the similarities and differences. And the Writer also state the good and bad for each product. And after that, ups to the writer/reviewer to choose which product they like. -themythstoodstill

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jom Daftar Sebagai Pengundi

PRU13 Sudah Hampir

Aku pun dh cukup 21 Tahun..

Dah boleh mendaftar..

Yok, tunaikan tanggungjawab..:) haha

4.69 Juta belum mendaftar..

Syarat Mendaftar: Berumur 21 Tahun Ke Atas

Tempat Daftar Undi:

a)Ibu Pejabat SPR Malaysia
Tingkat Bawah, Blok C7, Kompleks C
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62690 Putrajaya
No. Telefon: 03-88856686

b) Pejabat-Pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri[Link]

c) Pejabat-Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh Negara[Link]

d) Penolong Pendaftar[Link]

Yup, ada dengar citer leh dftar on9, tp aku google, xda pun..

ada mmg ada, tp individu persendirian yang buat,

yang dr pihak SPR sendiri, xsure lak dah ada lum

ni link berita SPR nak buat daftar Online

Tempat Mengundi: Ikut Alamat pada IC

Dah daftar? Nak semak nama?

Semak Sini

Jom Daftar!! Sekali Sahaja!! Pasni Takyah Daftar dh..

Marilah Mari

Mari Mengundi

Tunaikan Kewajipan

Pada Negara

themythstoodstill: Awal tahun aritu kat Pjbt Pos dlm Tesco SP pun boleh daftar pengundi kat situ..tp nk g daftar tu yang mls..huhu

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enable Disabled Task Manager

Erkk, betul ke maksud tajuk tu? zzzz

1. Click Start 

2. Click Run


4. Click OK The Registry Editor will now open

Browse to the following key:



5. In the right pane, look for the value: DisableTaskMgr

Right click DisableTaskMgr and select Delete. (When prompted with "Are you sure you want to delete this value", select Yes.

6. Now browse to the following key: 



7. In the right pane, look for the value: DisableTaskMgr

Right click DisableTaskMgr and select Delete. (When prompted with "Are you sure you want to delete this value", select Yes.

8. Close the Registry by choosing File | Exit

You should now be able to access Task Manager. If not, reboot into Safe Mode and repeat the steps outlined above.

Src: antivirusabout.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mem'busy'kan Diri

Academic and Pleasure













Monday, November 22, 2010

USM Sharing Community

Good News tuk STudent USM..

Actually br tau, tp sbnrny dh wujud lama dh rasanya..haha aku br tau..

Portal ni untuk student2 share file..

Admin kata guna intranet USM..

Guna link ni; http://sharer.jauzesm.com/

Note: Aku guna Opera, tak boleh login guna link ats..

myb script dia Opera x support, so solution dia,

sharer.jauzesm ni guna wordpress..so aku login guna link bwh ni..then br bukak link ats..


Slmt share dan download :)

Sharing is Caring..:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

USM-Pikom University PC Fair 2010

Agak2 30hb Dec tuh PTPTN dh msuk lum? :D

USM-PIKOM Universiti PC Fair 2010

Date: 30 Dec 2010 - 1 Jan 2011

Venue : DUP C & D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

USM USMSecure Setting

** Cara setting sama untuk setting USMHotspot, ikut cara setting USMHotspot untuk settig USMSecure. http://wifi.usm.my/

*Ubah bahagian Security Type, jd WPA2-Enterprise


1)Go to

-> Start Menu

-> Control Panel

-> Network and Sharing Center

2) Choose Set Up a New Connection or Network

-> Choose Manually connect to a wireless network

-> Next, fill in

-> Click Next

3) When the new network successfully added,this option appear, choose it

4) Follow below configuration as shown in the picture

(Basically, no changes in Connection and Security Tab)

5) On the Security Tab, Click Setting

-> Untick Validate Server Certificate

-> Click Configure

-> Untick Automatically use my Windows logon

6) Click OK to all. :)


Username : student emel

Password : no ic

**For How to setup USMSecure in your MS Windows XP refer to this blog -> S.H.A.Z.M.I.L

**For How to setup USMSecure in your Android Device refer to this blog -> me <> you

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pic Profile Healthy Campus


Kat URL kt ats tuh,gantikan  891234567890 dengan No Kad pengenalan korg or sesape.

Kalau gambar pic profile Healthy Campus korg ada, so link tu pun mesti kuar gambar korg

Gambar2 ni bleh guna tuk wat dlm system online.
In case ada system yang nk guna profile/gambar student2 USM.

System aku bleh guna kot, buh gmbr sumer student,
no IC diorg mmg dh ada dlm database.
Tp nk edit skrg nk bg view dh x sempat dh kot.



cd /var/www/html
rm "internship ppip.php"

rm -rf "ppip"

cd Desktop
cp -dpr "FYPandResearch" /var/www/html

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mood Raya Kembali Skjp

Setelah 2-3 tahun x rasa raya..

tahun ni br rasa raya blik...:)

sonok2..mood raya kembali skjp..

dua hari lepas raya umah Eli n My Nenek..bersama ngan Cik Parah, Cik Bad, Che Piah and Dekwan..

Hari ni org dtg ry umah,(Nenek, Che Piah, Wan, Irfhan, CikNa, Huwaina, Azri and sape lg dua ntah xkenal)..hoho

thnx korg, syg korg..haha

and ada member lama tumpang umah..lama x jmpa ko Ciput..hoho

See u all next year..nnti aku amik lesen, aku merantau umah korg lak..hoho

**Korg dtg lewat sehari, kalo x,bole mkn Mee Kari

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Email Client?

I agree with this statement;

The best free email program for Windows? The single best email client that works for everybody? It does not exist.
There exist no single email client that work best for all yet (I believe so :/ ).
As he said(about.com); however at least one of the email client perfect for us.
Its up to our-self to choose which one suite us.

Why I agree? I'm not sure, haha because I'm really not sure what does it mean by "that works for everybody". Does it mean an email client that everybody can use and like? or an email client that can work for all email? Haha, I agree with the second one. Maybe I'm don't know the real setting for the email client.

I have more than 3 email. (Why bother have many email? Haha, one is for subscribing with any newsletter or other site that may send many unwanted email, one for official email, one is student email that i got, one is my streamyx email and so on)
So its kinda annoying to login to the site to check email frequently.

Thats why we use email client, we doesn't need to login website to read an email, just open the email client and the email client will retrieve the inbox from your email.

What I'm experiencing is that there is no single email client that can retrieve or works with all email. For example, Windows Live Mail, try to integrate it with my YahooMail! but it said only YahooMail Plus can work with it. :( But it can retrieve my Gmail inbox. As for Opera, it works well with my student.MSN email and also my YahooMail! but not with my Gmail. So do Thunderbird, i forgot either YahooMail! or Gmail! is not working in Thunderbird. Yeah, i have only try this three email client only.

And lastly I choose to use Opera because I'm using the Opera Browser and the email client already integrated with it. No bother to install others email client. And it works well for my YahooMail! and my MSN. What about my Gmail? I'm not concern to retrieve email inbox because I already change my Gmail setting to forward the email from Gmail inbox to my YahooMail! and also my MSN setting to forward all the email to YahooMail!. It should be no problem for me because all my email is gather in the YahooMail!.

Please think positive, not everything is perfect, what can we do is try to fully utilize all the function and suite it to our need, and choose your favorite one. :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Change of mood..
new layout..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Respone..Perfect..

# Date: July 25th, 2010
# Author: Jack Wallen
# Category: General
Source : Techrepublic.com

The other day someone who knows I am in the computer business came to me with a very sick laptop (Gateway W340 with Intel graphics chip and Broadcom wireless). The machine was a fairly innocuous little guy that had some serious issues. I’ll list them out:

* The operating system was Windows Vista (he did not want to shell out the money for Windows 7).
* There was a root kit.
* Numerous malware issues.
* Chock full ‘o viruses.
* Wireless was flaky (at best).
* Machine was horribly slow (presumably because of the above).

My usual first steps are to boot into safe mode, run Combofix, run CCleaner, boot back into regular mode, run Malwarebytes, and then run the antivirus. After this was all complete the remaining symptoms were:

* Wireless was still flaky (at best).
* Machine was still slow.

After doing everything I (and the consultancy I work for) would have done, I determined that the best approach was to re-install the OS. Problem is, he couldn’t find his restore discs and (as I mentioned earlier) he didn’t want to shell out the money for Windows 7. This laptop was just going to be his spare laptop for home use (it was his primary laptop at work).

I decided it was time for an experiment. I knew the laptop had a restore partition so if I left that partition alone we could still restore the machine back to factory defaults (if he could find his restore discs). So…it was time to bring out the big guns. Said big guns? Ubuntu 10.04. I was fairly certain 10.04 would work like a champ on the machine. It did. But the big test would be when the user had the machine in his hands and put it to use.

Naturally, before I handed over the laptop, I made sure it had everything installed he would need for home use:

* OpenOffice.
* The GIMP.
* Gwibber.
* GnuCash.
* Google Chrome (he used Chrome when it was a Vista laptop).
* Empathy (for chatting).
* I also made sure Rhythmbox had everything it needed to connect with the Ubuntu One Music Store.
* Just for fun I enabled Compiz, because I know the person would get a kick out of it.

The last step in my plan…hand over the laptop and wait for the report. When I handed over the laptop I instructed the user on some basic Linux functions (like how to connect to wireless - which is a no brainer, and how to install applications from the Ubuntu Software Center).
To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the results of this little test. The user wasn’t the most computer savvy user and was prone to have machines wind up coming back with one ore more issues. I was expecting to get call after call after call.
But the calls never came. A few days passed and I hadn’t heard a single word from the user. Initially I assumed he just hadn’t had time to use the machine. After nearly a week without hearing from him I just couldn’t take it any longer and called him. His reaction?
“Oh my God this is so wonderful! Thank you!”
I wasn’t expecting that for certain. And after prodding him a little further he nearly knocked my on the floor when he asked:
“Would you mind installing this Linux on the rest of my computers?”
This guy represents the vast majority of computer users in this country. People who need their PCs for about 1/100th of their capabilities. They need email, web, office documents, and keeping track of their finances. As much as we IT-minded people want to stand up and say NOONIN!, the truth is the truth and the truth is the average user can get by with the bare minimum. When this is so - why not give them an operating system you KNOW won’t come back with you riddled with viruses and the client (or friend or family) saying “I thought you fixed this?!”
What this little experiment does for me is validate what I have assumed for the last, oh, two or three years: Linux is ready for the average user desktop. In fact, within the last year I would have to say that Linux is now the IDEAL OS for the average user desktop.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Digi Broadband in UBuntu

This guide is summary from two sources,
Source 1
Source 2
I combine and edit this two guide to succesfully install digi broadband in my ubuntu lucid lynx,

Step 1;
Make sure the device inserted are detected as a modem, not only as a storage device.

To check;
Plug in the device, open terminal and type : lsusb
If there is something like;
"Bus 002 Device 005: ID 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem"
Proceed to step 3;
If not, go to step 2;

Step 2;
install usb-modeswitch and usb-modeswitch-data
in terminal,type :
sudo apt-get install -yq usb-modeswitch usb-modeswitch-data
(after install, replug the device)

Step 3;
Launch terminal, enter this command to install wvdial
sudo apt-get install wvdial

Step 4;
Once install, edit the wvdial conf file
(launch terminal and type this command)
sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

edit and insert/enter the following info;

[Dialer Defaults]
Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0
Baud = 230400
Init1 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","3gdgnet"
Init3 =
Area Code =
Phone = *99***1#
Username = digi
Password = digi
Ask Password = 0
Dial Command = ATDT
Stupid Mode = 1
Compuserve = 0
Force Address =
Idle Seconds = 0
DialMessage1 =
DialMessage2 =
ISDN = 0
Auto DNS = 1
Check Def Route = 1

Step 5;
launch terminal and type;
sudo wvdial

p/s;if wvdial can't start,unplug and plug back the device.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pinky and The Brain

Bila tgk Dekwan pakai baju pink..
teringat lagu ni...
sape igt cter pe ni?
best woo dulu2...
They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
One is a genius
The other's insane.
They're laboratory mice
Their genes have been spliced
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Before each night is done
Their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun
They'll take over the world.

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Their twilight campaign
Is easy to explain.
To prove their mousey worth

They'll overthrow the Earth
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tomcat Installation

Pe tu tomcat?
java based web server,
kalo wamp server container/support php,and so on
tomcat lak container for servlet,jsp n java application..

1. Download and Install JDK Java
*better to install at C:\java.... (don't install in C:\Program Files\...)
the space between 'Program' and 'Files' makes everything break..

2.Download Tomcat

3.Extract and paste on C:\ with appropiate folder name
*mine is C:\apache-tomcat-[6.0.28]\

4.Environment Variable Setting

go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings
click Environment Variables..

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_20
*point to where you install the java

5. Click startup.bat in tomcat bin folder to start
*to test it is working or not,
type http://localhost:8080/ in webbrowser

6. Click shutdown.bat to stop tomcat

Reference and more configuration,
Help with environment variables,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lobak-lobak di kerusi+bangku dan tom si kucing

Carrot2 workbench

carrot2 workbench

carrot2 workbench

carrot2 workbench

carrot2 workbench

sepanjang mggu ni duk wat bnda yg sama...
tp xjd2..hasil skit ja...

Bob The Builder

Bob the builder..
can we fix it?
yess we can!!

Nenek Tua!!
Mak cik Tua!!
Che Piah!!
Mak Cik Tua lagi sorg!!
Pak Cik!!
Pak cik san!!
Budak kecik!!
and so on..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


SMTP server response:
504 :
Sender address rejected:
need fully-qualified address in ....

Ya, error mesej lepas dh ada dns...
wkt still guna ip, boleh je guna hntr emel..
td wkt nk betulkan error mail() function yg br jmpa slm,
terjumpa lak error baru ni..

dh solve,
$email = "From: your@yourdomain.com"

kena ubah jd
$email = "noreply@ppip.usm.my" ataupun pape emel lain..

and kat mail function kt php.ini tuh,
bleh delete/buang je sendmail_from tuh..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rindu Sama Azri

tajuk entri sgt xley bla..

smlm ari ahad,
g pasar mlm sungai nibong tuh...
cdg nk nek moto yazid,
tp danya nk pnjam lak,
so nasib kami baik,
mak cik kt saujana tu ada moto,
pinjam moto dia,
zul bwk..

wkt nk balik tuh, aku teringat wkt naik moto ngan azri...
kn azri kn?
apa jd wkt kita naik moto aritu...
wkt nk g psr mlm n nk balik..

xpa2, aku igt,
dh grad nnti, kalo jmpa balik,
gerenti bnda tu aku igt..:))

ko blik nnti,
jom g psr mlm..:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lagi 1Malaysia

Adess, lagi2 1Malaysia..
Wkt video conference ngan Martin,
die suh cari satu issue kt Malaysia tuk dijadikan contoh tuk letak dlm website gettheissue.com..
so timbullah issue 1Malaysia dari Aril..
mula2 dia sebut pasal Isu perkauman kaum,
then kami ubah jd 1Malaysia..

Tentang 1Malaysia,
sape tau??
Pro n Con..
salah satu tujuan 1Malaysia,
nk promote Malaysia sebagai satu negara bangsa,
satu identity sebagai Malaysia,
nk tunjukkan kt dunia yang Malaysia sebuah negara yang unik,
ada berbagai kaum2 dan identiti setiap kaum dijaga..
berbeza dengan konsep asimilasi yang negara lain amalkan,
setiap kaum bebas amalkan masing2 punya adat..xdihalang...
cth terdekat, Indonesia..
di Indonesia, kaum Cina dan yang lain2,
wajib guna nama Indonesia..
kat Malaysia, kaum Cina bebas guna nama Cina...
begitu juga India..

Eh, aku nk citer sal bnda lain ni,
dlm video conference tuh,
kami cuba terangkan kat Martin apa yang dimaksudkan 1Malaysia..
dowh,mana reti nk terangkan..huhu
sepatutnya kami sebgai rakyat Malaysia,
patut terangkan sesuatu yang positif tentang 1Malaysia kat orang luar...
tapi masalhnya, xfhm dan xberapa mendalami 1Malaysia...

Dia tanya,
"how to know 1Malaysia succeed?"
"Is it a good idea?"
"Why is it a good idea?"
"why certain people or the opposition party oppose/againts 1Malaysia campaign"
"does everyone support? who support and who not why?"
lebey kurang la pe yang die nk tanya..
Dia tanya cmna nk tau 1Malaysia berjaya?
waa, mana la aku tau..
according to Teh,
1Malaysia adalah satu kempen yang akn berterusan..
Ok, good point..:)
Martin tanya lagi,
semua orang sokong ke kempen tu..
Oh sudah tentu tidak...
Aku gtau la die,
"The opposition party are againts it"
Dia tanya, kenapa?
aku mana la tau..
aiyoo, politik...masing2 nk betul..
tp aku lupa nk gtau yang PKR timbulkan issue 1Israel,
yang 1Malaysia dtg dari slogan 1Israel..
diorg kata syarikat israel yang cipta slogan 1Malysia..
xtau la..

Sekarang kami kena buat pro and cons 1Malaysia,
challenges of 1Malaysia..
bila sebut pasal 1Malaysia,
banyak pihak berbalah dan mesti ada issue timbul...

Melayu risau hak2 istimewa melayu hilang..
Cina dan kaum lain fikir, nape nk beri hak istimewa pada sesetengah kaum kalau Malaysia kata nk kesamarataan...nk unity..kena adil...
Parti Pembangkang xsokong idea unity..
(sedangkan sesama kaum xbersatu, asyik berbalah,
cmna nk pertahankan hak? nk wujudkan negara bangsa?
semua dengan agenda masing2..masing2 fikir diorg betul..even kalau salah pun,
tetap xleh sokong pihak lawan sebab nnti nmpak mcm diorg lemah..ye ke?
i hate politic..ish2)

eh dah melalut,

Monday, July 5, 2010

1Malaysia - Wawasan 2020

1Malaysia is an on-going campaign announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on September 16, 2008. 1Malaysia intended to create Malaysia identity as Nation which strongly emphasizes national unity, ethnic tolerance and government efficiency. Malaysia is unique because its diversity of people and what 1Malaysia do is preserve and enhance this unity in diversity which are the strength of Malaysia. 1Malaysia differ from asimilation concept in which each ethnic identity are disposed and replaced by one same national identity. 1Malaysia preserve each ethnic identity and also emphasize on accepting each ethnic uniqueness. Malaysia respect each ethnic identity and believe it is an asset and an advantage which Malaysian should be proud.

The eight values of 1Malaysia as articulated by Najib Razak are perseverance, a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity and meritocracy. 1Malaysia derived from Wawasan 2020 which aim to achive the Developed Country status for Malaysia by 2020. (Wawasan 2020 is the aspiration and malaysia’s vision introduced by former Prime Minister). 1Malaysia is the continuity agenda of developing the country and Malaysia believe to achieved Nation advancement, citizen should be in advancement first, to do so, each ethnic should tolerate which each other and unite. When 1Malaysia succeed, Wawasan 2020 can be achieved.



Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hate cik AkuKah..
owh, patutkah pggil cik?
musykil, encik kot..
xpalah Cik pun bole..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Myth or Fact?

Wan Gedixx.
Cerap Gedixx.
Atie Gedixx.
Yumiko Gedixx.

:) :D

haha..hasil dr kebosanan di bilik..
aiyoo, mls gler rasa..

Ya, aku g keje sok..
Esok pakai kasut,
hari seterusnya pakai SANDAL,
Sluar SLACK,
Baju T-SHIRT..
Aik? x pakai kemeja?
Org dh bg kebenaran pakai
pakaian sopan,
xyah formal2..
ye la,
duk lab sndiri ngan teammate..
ngadap komputer 8 jam..
ngadap bnda yg sama tiap2 hari..
len la kalo kt pjbt..
tensen dowh tiap2 hari buat coding tuh..
xkira la reti buat ke,
br nk bljr ke..
sama je..serabut

Huhu, ye mmg x rasa mcm Pengalaman Keje..
Tp sekurang kurangnya rasa,
hasil keje kita tu, bnda rasmi.,
bnda yg org akn guna..
kira ada client la..
Tu jadi motivasi tuk wat keje..
tambah2 pulak kata2 dr Puan R..

Kata student APEX..
hasil pun kena APEX la..
haha tp pe yg aku buat..
keje rgkas,function pun kurg..
laman web pun xkemas,
xlawa, huduh..(kata2 Encik S)
(Encik S, igt lagikah kt Lab anda kata begitu?
dlm FB pun anda post?)
haha, tau die lawak ja..

Tp kita kena think positive,
believe ourself..

Aik, bebel lak..
aiyoo, pnjng lagi nk tulis nih..
xpa2, smpan dulu..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aku Sangat Bosan

Aiyoo, sangatlah bosan...
tiap2 hari rutin yg sama..

kul 7 bgn, subuh then tdor balik..
kul 8 bgn, mndi...siap2 g keje..
sggah kafe fajar..minum, beli kuih..
jln g skul pendidikan..
duk depan laptop...
menghadap fb n tenet dulu,
then kul 10 lebey br start wat keje..
duk menghadap php sql dreamweaver wamp navicat....
tgh hari kuar mkn, solat..
then masuk lab balik..
kul 5.15 or lewat skit,balik bilik...
smpai bilik tgk cter,men game..
mlm lak kalo rajin, kuar mkn,
kalo x, duk bilik je..
2-3 pagi, tdor..
esoknye, ulang bnda yg sama..

nk kata kt lab ni xda keje, ada je..
kena wat projek nih..
bljr php smbil buat..
tp pehal ntah,
serabut gler..huh

Aktiviti ptg semalam,
-> donlod drama jepun - 4 drama
-> donlod citer Greek season 1 ngan vampire diaries..

Aktiviti arini
-> donlod game 5-6 game
-> 2-3 game x leh men
-> yg len ngah install

projek mggu ni siap dh..
(haha, ada Forum x buat
tp xpalah, t rajin, tmbah)
mggu depan lak..
PHP lagi..
tp lagi susah..huhu

Antara website yg digunakan tuk rujukan,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ABC 123

owh sy sudah pening, esok pulak smbung..
sql oo sql..
hate bila byk sgt condition merapu dlm sql..huh
Mohd Wan sgt sombong plus kedekut, xmahu ajar..huh
mau buli Shariaty Shafee, Asyraf Aziz, Harushard Creanix bole? :D..

selesai prob sql nih,
tggal lg 3 bnda..
pastu siap..yeah!!!

Matnor!! Usaha Lagi..Gambate..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hope and Desire

Sukacita dimaklumkan esok exam terakhir Sem ni,
Dukacita dimaklumkan aku sangatlah malas dan takde mood
+ tak rasa nak stdy langsung..
Help Me,
Ya Allah, Kuatkanlah Hati aku,
Berikanlah Kekuatan..

Habis je Exam sok,
first thing,
pergi hantar proposal tuk CLE301,research..
(mlm ni comfirmkan lain tajuk,)
then g lab,
donlod2 skit,
balik bilik, kemas2 barang,
malam letak brg dalam stor...
then dah free...
nak balik bila ek?
rabu or khamis??
Khamis pg or rabu Ptg kot..

My Hope and Desire,
Sepanjang Cuti 4 hari + LI 5 Bulan...
Aku nak;
-blaja Flash,actionscript
-blaja PHP,Dreamweaver (LI kena wat Web, huu)
-completekan Projek Database dulu (Java)
-completekan Projek SAD (C#)

sebab pa aku nk completekn projek tuh?
sebab aku nk blaja and fahamkan language tuh..
blaja smbil buat...

Dekwan,esok malam meh nk tolong buat skit Flash,
mmg niat nk blaja flash..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Remote Procedure Call

Client -> Client Stub
Client Stub -> Local OS
Local OS -> Remote OS
Remote OS -> Server Stub
Server Stub -> Server

Penerangan? Pandai2 la bukak note
Chapter 2, Slide 9..
Buh ringkasan je..
ngeee....kalo kuar yg ni pun ok..huhu


Pe motiff post benda alah ni?
haha, ntah..dah mls nk bc...
nk jwb exam je satg...

skrg kul 7.47pg..
kul 8.15 nk gerak..
kul 9.00 start exam CST333..
Tempat -> PHS II..
Sama mcm ikhsan, ISE, paper Database..
Tempat and waktu yg sama..
Hbis exam, g cari Dr C..huh

Ptg nk tdor..:) :D
sok ptg lak,
2.15ptg, DK II/I x igt,
paper CST331,
parallel, aiyoo ada programming skit maa..
haha, means kena bc byk..
nk fhmkn code...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Devil Mode

Haha, kalau beberapa mggu yg lepas,
(start dr balik mrsm pendang tuh)
aku dlm Happy Mode..
skrg lak,
Devil Mode..


I Have So Many Dramas that I Want to Watch, but I Don't Have It

Haha, saje nk meniru post cerap..


  • My Girl
  • My Sassy Girl
  • Couple or Trouble
  • Fantasy Couple
  • Princess Hour

  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
  • Coffe Prince
  • Zettai Kareshi
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • H2
  • Rookies
  • Galileo
  • Nobuta Wo Produce
  • One Pound Gospel
  • Hanayori No Dango Season 1+2
  • Shimokita Glorys
  • Dragonzakura
  • God Hand Teru
  • Mr Brain
  • Atashinci No Danshi
  • Yamada Taro Monogatari
  • Jikou Keisatsu
  • Mei Chan No Shitsuiji
  • Gokusen Season 1+2
  • Bambino!
  • Futatsu No Spica
  • Ikebukuro WGP
  • Kami No Shizuku
  • QED
  • Ryuusei No Kizuna
  • Seigi No Mikata
  • Seito Shokun
  • Atashinchi no Danshi
  • Innocent Love
  • Kimi Wa Petto
  • Liar Game Season 1+2
  • Team Batista No Eiko
  • Yukan Club
  • Boss
  • Code Blue
  • Last Friend

  • Kyle XY Season 1+2+3
  • My Name Is Earl
  • Everybody Hate Chris
  • Scrubs Season 1
  • Spellbinder (not complete)
  • Friends Season 1
  • Dexter Season 1
  • Dollhouse Season 1
  • Gossip Girl Season 1+2
  • Greek Season 1 (not complete)
  • Lie To Me Season 1+2
  • Smallville Season 8
  • Supernatural Season 2+3+4
  • Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicle Season 1
  • Vampire Diaries (not complete)
  • White Collar Season 1
  • Leverage Season 1+2
  • Skins Season 1+3+4

  • Hunter X Hunter 1-62
  • Gun X Sword
  • Prison Break Season 2
  • Condor Heroes Season 1+2
  • Great Guardians
  • Kanokon
  • Minami Ke
  • Ouran High School
  • To Love Ru
  • Zombie Loan
  • Tsubasa Chronicles
  • Amatsuki
  • Tower Of Druage
  • Eureka Seven
  • Kekkaishi (not complete)
  • Digimon 1
  • Eye Shield 21 (not complete)
  • Fairy Tail
  • Hikaru No GO
  • Kanokon
  • Naruto + Shippudden (not complete maa)
  • Shaman King (not complete)
  • Shigofumi
  • Strike Witches
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Vampire Knights
  • X-Men Evolution Season 1+2

***Sape2 yg nak, maaplah ek..
(bkn xnk bg mcm org tuh..huh :p ..hahaha)
cter2 ni kbykn nye dah burn dlm DVD..
Bekas DVD sumer kt umah..
External aku satu ja..
Tu pun dah penuh..:(
***Yg berwrna kelabu/putih tuh, cter yg aku x tgk lg...
anime lak aku x wrnakan sb byk sgt x tgk..
***Sem depan, nk beli externak satu g..haha

======>Aku sgt devil arini, meniru entry org..haha

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Epal dan iTelefon 4Gram

Haha, lmbt tul aku update info2 tech ni..

Apple bakal kluarkan iPhone baru,
the next generation of iPhone,
iPhone 4G..

so sape pernah dgr kisah yg Epal tercicir prototype iphone 4g die?
haha, msti dh pernah dgr..
aku je lmbt..hahaha
Aku dgr pun dr Haikal n sape ntah,
ngah nyembang2 kt kedai mkn,

Esoknye kot, br dpt update newsletter dr Techrepublic,
Crite ttg Epal ilang iphone br dia...
Am n Azri, cukup minat la bnda2 iPhone ngan Android nih..
So tny la diorg pe yg bestnye,
pe beza dua nih...

Back to the story,
mmm, pekerja Epal,
27 Tahun,Software Engineer,
Pegi bar,bwk iphone br tu skali,
tuk test iphone br,
dia keluar dr bar, tertinggal iphone kt meja,
the next customer dtg,
jmpa iphone tu n bwk la balik,
die jual kt Gizmodo,
or Gizmodo tolong jualkan..
ntah xfhm,
Epal hntr surat kt Gizmodo,
suh pulangkan device tu..
yg jual kt Gizmodo tuh,
budak rasanya,
mybe teen bwh 20 tahun..

Haha, mls nk tulis,
bc lah sendiri kt link ni..
papepun, aku rasa brita ni menarik,
sb kecuaian pekerja,
boleh sebabkn produk br jd x baru..haha
cmna tuh, aku pun xfhm..
saje merepek..:D

P/s: kalo aku jd org yg jumpa tuh, aku mntk pampasan tuk pulangkn iphone tuh,
epal lak kata produk die kena curi wktu die mtk kt Gizmodo tuh, huh


Letter to Gizmodo By Apple

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exam oo Exam

Exam semakin dekat,
tp stdy nye br skit..
haha kira ok la kn berbanding dulu2...
da start stdy da skit,
dulu2, time cmni x stdy lg..2-3 hari nk exam br stdy..

Exam 1st -> CMT222 21/4

Haha, Rabu depan,
ada lg seminggu..chaiyok!!
Slmt Ber-exam kwn2...
tau kita byk subjek susah sem ni..
haha papepun,

be urself,
gud luck,
yakin pd diri..
we can do it..
:) :D

Friday, April 9, 2010


satu kerugian yang nyata,
bila aku skrg da mcm x amik port,
perkembangan teknologi skrg,
pe la bro,
kata sains komputer,
tp teknologi skrg pun x tau..

Seriusly, intel punye processor,
yg i3 i5 ngan i7 tuh,
aku just tau nama je...
tp xtau description die,
yg pasti, msti die multicore..
zaman multicore skrg beb,
multicore means more than 1..
haha 2 dan ke ats...

Td wkt g pc fair pun,
aku da x berminat ngan Laptop2 yg dipamerkan,
hoho dulu2 bkn main lagi,
Processor, Brand, Ram, Graphic Card,
lalu je sblh laptop br,
ntah pe processor, pe desc die,
xheran pun..

Bkn tu je, bnda2 lain pun x alert,

Dimanakah Minat Aku Dulu?

PC Fair di PISA

Td g PC Fair,
pas solat jumaat, mkn jap..
then g PISA...
dlm pukul 3.15ptg...

Kt sana, ramai tu ramai la jugak,
tp x seramai wkt PC Fair awl sem...
haha, ye la, time ujung2 sem...
mana ramai sgt student nk g...

Waaaa, harga sumer da turun...
da murah2....
berbanding ngan wkt pegi dulu...
haha cepat tul brg2 turun hrga,
ye la,
teknologi makin maju, makin berkembang
skrg da msuk zaman Intel Core i3 i5 i7 and so on...
hoho...RAM pun dah lama masuk DDR3...
Desktop2 yg Quad Core pun da muncul byk dah..

Kalo dulu, zaman Pen Drive,
skrg zaman External lak...
(mgkin da x lyn pendrive,
tu yg x nmpk pendrive turun hrga ke tidak, haha)
time aku bli aritu,
320GB RM240...
haha skrg da jd RM180..
500GB skrg, da lebey kurg mcm hrga 320GB
dulu yg mahal2 skit...
Bwh RM300...wooo

Pape pun, best2,
tgk brg2 teknologi,
haha ye la,
mcm2 jenis skrg..

**Nenek, kamoo mahu ikot ka? haha

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eight ways Google's Droid (ANdroid) Fails to Impress

1. Browser
2. Touch Screen
3. Facebook App
4. Other Apps
5. e-reader
6. Hardware
7. Keyboard?? :)
8. Battery

Source: Techrepublic

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lagu Kita

Deras hatiku berdetar
Di langit aku terlihat kamu
Terang malam,teman kita
Dengan angin meniup sayu

Ku petik gitar akustik ini
Dengan harapan dia mendengar
Melodi indah yang ku cipta
Hanya untuk luahkan rinduku padanya

Dan aku terus,
Menyanyi lagu ini untukmu,
Walau berjuta mendengar,
Lagu ini hanya untukmu,
Arah hidup kita,
Digambar bintang di angkasa
Dan berkelip melukis cinta
Terciptalah lagu kita

Fikirkan Boleh!!!!

We can do it!!!
Gambate to me and My Friends!!!!

Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh
Kau hampir boleh melakukan
Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu
Usahamu tidak menentu

Jika kau fikirkan kekalahan
Kau hampiri kegagalan
Jika kau fikirkan kemenangan
Kau hampiri kejayaan

Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan
Terkandung dalam pemikiran
Kau fikir boleh melakukan
Fikirkan boleh!!!

Percaya apa kau lakukan
Tabah apa kau usahakan
Bertindak atas kemampuan
Engkau boleh!!!

Mata Hati, oleh Hijjaz
Pandangan mata selalu menipu
Pandangan akal selalu tersalah
Pandangan nafsu selalu melulu
Pandangan hati itu yang hakiki
Kalau hati itu bersih

Hati kalau terlalu bersih
Pandangannya akan menembusi hijab
Hati jika sudah bersih
Firasatnya tepat kehendak Allah
Tapi hati bila dikotori
Bisikannya bukan lagi kebenaran

Hati tempat jatuhnya pandangan Allah
Jasad lahir tumpuan manusia
Utamakanlah pandangan Allah
Daripada pandangan manusia

Fikirkan Boleh!!!!
Think Positive!!!!

Baca Blog Nie:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

When Lies Go On

Some1 tell me,
that life is a lie after all....
hmm, but i wouldn't admit it...
life is a gift, not a lie..
everything happen is real..
life only once...
then we die, back to where we belong...

some1 call me atok,
coz i'm babbling to my nanny,
she said that,
lying can make people happy,
so we lie,
just to make them happy,

yeah, i agree..
dunno i'm right or wrong, dun care, hehe
sometime we need to lie,
yeah there is a reason,
but not always,

dun wori, mee too..
a liar,
lying to people..

Title ; When Lies Go On?
ayt dlm post cam xda kena mengena pun..hoho

Saturday, April 3, 2010

How To Move Windows Application Or Games To Another Drive

The default installation location of most applications is in C: or the default Operating System drive. Overtime, this drive can run out from free space specially with the large hard disk free space requirement of new release applications. The old way to move installed application is to uninstall the application and reinstall it to a new hard drive. Fortunately there is a better way to do it and it is by using a Windows built-in command line utility called Mklink. It is use to create symbolic links or symlinks and hard links in MS Windows. Mklink requires administrative privileges.

To move a Windows Application using Mklink, follow these steps.
1. Use Windows Explorer to cut and paste the application's directory. For example, cut and paste this folder "C:\Program Files\DVD Maker" to "D:\DVDMaker"
2. Open the command prompt as administrator.
3. From the prompt, type: mklink /J "mirror folder" "current location of the files". For example, mklink /J "C:\Program Files\DVD Maker\", "D:\DVDMaker\".
4. If successful, the utility will display a result similar to this:
Junction created for C:\Program Files\DVD Maker\ <<===>> D:\DVDMaker\

Remember that the app your moving should not be currently in use. Mklink is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

source Fryan's Digital World


Aku tertarik ngan satu blog tentang malu,

blog Amal

Just A Reminder

7/4/10 -> Demo SAD - STUART
8/4/10 -> Asinment 2 Algo - Tapological Sort, Adjacency List
12/4/10 -> Asinment 2 Parallel - openMP/MPI

Final Exam
- CMT222 Rabu 21/4 Pagi
- CPT212 Isnin 26/4 Pagi
- SHE101 Rabu 28/4 Ptg
- CST333 Isnin 3/5 Pagi
- CST331 Selasa 4/5 Ptg

10/5/10 -> Start Practical LI

Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash Of The Titan

Khamis, 1/4/2010
Kul 12 g tgk wayang
kt QB...
tajuk die
Clash Of The Titans

Citer2 genre mcm ni,
mmg aku suka sgt...
so x kisah, best ke x...
bg aku mmg BEST..

Cik Na bg rating 5 star..
aku? ntah..xtau la..
sb aku mmg suka cter2 cmni...

mlm tuh, ramai gak yg g
3rd Year,
ada la kot dlm 6 org or lebih...
Cik Na, Azri, Epul, Nada, Pejal n lupa lak nama yg lain..
bebudak lain,
aku, haikal, zen, rasyed, najib, fitri n irfan..
owh lupa, pak cik amel yg kuat bising pun ikut skali...

**esoknye ada dua test,
SAD br baca satu bab,
tp still aku g tgk wayang...
aiyooo teruk tul aku ni..

Still in Good Mood and Happy Mode..:)

Hati Tenang, Jiwa Tenteram, Keje Senang (lancar)
1st of all,
alhamdulillah x terhingga
syukur sb smpai hr ni,
masih dlm keadaan tenang dan tenteram..

Sejak balik dari MRSM Pendang aritu,
rasa tenang je x mcm sblm ni,
asyik serabut je..
terlalu tenang smpai esoknye test pun,
mlm tu, haha rilek2 je bc buku skit2..

Perkara2 yg happy/good mood since jumaat lepas
Time Line sejak jumaat..haha

-> Jumpa adik2 di mrsm pendang
yeah, sonok berada disamping budak2,
time tu xyah pikir pape pun,
sonok tgk bebudak tu happy,
x serabut2 sgt mcm kt usm..huhu

-> jumpa adik angkat aku yg da lama x jmpa
haha, da dkt 4 tahun kot,
last jmpa time die f1, skrg da f5..
cmna orgnya die? hmm
ntah, die mcm azri sikit kt bilik..
hmm, cmna tuh?
haha ntah..:)
duk bermanja2 ngan org..
haha tul x azri??
pape pun, mmg happy,

-> balik pendang, hmm...
balik2 mlm tuh,
pening giler pale, haha
cdg nk wat slide she,
xleh wat, esoknye br buat,
sian Khai Lun,
haha, time ni kot serabut skit
pg tu wat slide then hntr ke khai lun..
aku wat slide dlm keadaan yg sgt mls,

-> isnin, haha test algo
slalunye kalo ada test, mmg serabut gler ah,
duk fikir nk stdy (walaupun x stdy)
tp kali ni tenang skit,
xkalut2 dah..
stdy jugak..
wkt jwb test,
walaupun byk yg tggal xberjwb,
xda rasa tertekan sgt..

-> present she
hari pe ntah, selasa kot
haha pg tu, aku bgn awl
dlm kul 5.45 kot..haha terbangun..
tp wkt nk g present she,
lupa lak, x pakai formal..
pakai jeans+baju t-shirt kolar+sandal..
tp yg bestnye, THANKS my grupmate
Najwa, Arini, Khai Lun n apa nama chinese girl tu
nasib baik diorg xbermasam muka sb aku..huhu
Puan K yg strict tu pun, xtgur pun pasal pakaian aku,
wah, my luck today..
present pun xla teruk sgt, biasa2 je..

-> ptg tuh, blik terus tdor
dpt call dr no mana ntah,
igtkn adik2 dr mrsm pendang,
rupanya bila aku google no tuh,
USM School Of educational Studies
esknye aku call blik, die suh aku dtg interview
wah, berdebar2, risau interview
haha igtkn x dpt dh, lusa tuh,
ada org skool pendidikan call,
kata dpt LI..huhu happy2

-> and ada hari tu,
pg sblm dpt call LI tuh,
something happen,
semua sebab ikhsan,
haha ikhsan n bazilah,
jahat la diorg, aiyoo
unexpected thing even for me

-> wus?
haha, wus pun ok je..
grup aku spoting,
ha pe lagi, nk cter byk,
tp aku da penin nk susun ayt,
haha yg bc pun msti pening gak,
xfhm lalalala~

papepun, just nk state

Buat keje dlm keadaan tenag, smua bnda bleh jln lancar...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bila Diri Disayangi..

Terdengar bisikan mesra
Kalimah keramat bermentara
Bermulanya siang berakhir malam ku
Tak akan ku jemu menyebut namaMu

Tiada batasan waktu
Tiada tempat Mu tertentu
Di gunung di lembah, di darat, di air
Siapa pun hamba, keikhlasan doa, keagungan
Kasih merubah takdir

Bila ku sedari diri disayangi
Langkah kaki ini semakin berani
Bila terkeliru ku ucap namaMu, terasa diriku
Kembali dipandu

Engkau pertama, tiada akhirnya
Aku dalam kegelapan Engkaulah cahaya
Izinkahlah aku menumpang di sini
Di bawah naungan kasih dan sayang Mu
Ku berserah diri

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Matnor, Bersedia!!

Kul 12 satg,
kena berkumpul dpn masjid,
bertolak ke MRSM PENDANG,
tuk program fasi dgn adik2 form 2,

aku jd fasi?
for the first time,
and mybe last time,
nk try jd fasi,
teringin sgt,

Aku g fasi tuh,
under program PMI,
so the program is more islamic,
mampu ke aku?
ilmu di dada x byk,

cuba dulu,
kena buat yg terbaek,
wish me luck,
moga Allah permudahkan aku,

P/s : post sebelum nie bila aku bc balik,
nmpk mcm aku x sronok je dgn projek SAD aku,
ntah, ok je,
best apa,
terutama bile error n kita dpt fix the error..

Saya Sayang Awak

Saya sayang awak,
walaupun awk slalu buat sy pening,

Saya syg awk,
walaupun awk slalu tak buat apa yg sy nak,

Saya syg awk,
walaupun bila nk aktifkn awk,
slalu je byk songel,

Saya syg awk,
walaupun awk br je dlm hidup saya,

Saya syg awk,
walaupun byk sgt error awk nih,

Saya sgt sayang awk,
kerna cbrn yg kita harungi
spjg sy handle awk,
buat sy lebih memahami awk,
walaupun kdg2 rasa mcm
nk meletup je otak nih,

Saya tetap syg awk,
walaupun awk curang
dgn Abg SQL,
nk handle awk berdua sgt la

Tapi awk,
saya suka sgt
bila awk buat apa yg sy nak,
bila awk xda songel mcm2,
saya da penat dgn awk,
tp xy x boleh tggalkn awk skrg,
repory x siap n VIVA x buat lg....

P/s: Cinta saya pd awk masih utuh,
haha, oit, igt bnda lain kew?
aku sebut pasal C# projek SAD aku la..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nenek oo Nenek!!

Saya sygt syg nenek sy..hahaha
nenek, saya mls, tapi xpa,
kerna nk rehat jap,
asyik main ngan combo boxing,
sql sengal dan geng2 die,

1. Siapakah saya di rumah?

2. Siapakah saya di samping kawan?

3. 5 Perkara yg diidamkn tp x dpt2 lg

4. Siapakah pasangan anda merangakap buah hati pengarang jantung

5. Lima Perkara saya suka ttg dia

6. Tarikh membina ikatan

7. Kenangan pahit bersama sidia

8. Lagu tema cinta

9. Perubahan yg sy nk tgk

Tag 10 org lain

P/s : nenek ku, cu bukan laki nyamuk...:(

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bangun Pagi..Gosok Gigi..

Bangun pagi

Gosok Gigi

Cuci Muka

Terus Mandi

Pergi Skolah

Senang hati


woohoo, cdg nk bgn,

g kelas SAD kul 11,

lecture last tuh...

huhu, tp apakan daya...

tidor x igt dunia smpai

kul 11.03 pg br bangun..

bc buku saje x cukup,

tmbh2 lagi aku yg mls nie,

kalo pergi lecture,

walaupun Puan R byk ckp je dr ngajar,

tp pe yg die ckp tu

mostly ttg projek, keje,

dr situ, kita leh tahu,

pe yg patutnya sesebuah program tu ada,

cmna keje t,

yes, i take it positive,

coz for me it really positive thing,

so kengkawan, think positive>

Bgn kul 11.03pg,

bgun2 teringat lak CST333,

distributed, wooo, kelas kul 12,

rindu Dr C..

so aku pun dgn berat nye,

pergi kelas..

haha, pmls sungguh mamat sorg nih...

Smpai school,

ada g 15 min,

on YM jap..


sempat g berYm

ngan Nenek aku..

tgh hari tuh,

pas mkn,

on laptop, ada buddy ym br,

igtkn aweks mana kn...

upanya mak cik yg gilo tu..

huh, melepas nk takel sorg g..=D

==> status skrg:

- br pas hntr msj kat team aku,

suh start buat keje n aku nk tgk hasil,

- ngah dgr CInR, xpasal2 aku jd pendengar radio+muzik,

haha, sjk bile aku bleh bertahan ngan radio nih??

slalunye plg byk lagu pun 3 je aku dgr,

- dlm lab 3, azri ngah ada lab skrg,

lab network,..haha

numpang jap smbil guna laptop die

- mood, kejap happy, kejap serabut,

kelas kul 4,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

LI oh LI

Diisytiharkan aku x dpt LI mana2...
Tup Tup kena la wat research je kt usm...

xpa2, mmg nk duk USM je pun..
tak yah susah2 nk pikir pasal tmpat tggal n transport sgt...
just elaun la xda...huh...hoho

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kau Dia Dan Aku V2

cnta xkn berputik~
jika tiada yg memulakannya~
biarlah kita mengalah~
memulakan langkah pertama~
jika benar~
kau untuku
aku untumu~
maka terjalinlah cinta kita ini~

Haha, post jiwang kedua...
Khas tuk Nek Aty,
tp bukan ditujukn pada Nek Aty,
pasni xda dh post2 jiwang...
post pasal pe lak ek?
pasal programming?
projek aku?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


* .*..Lovelovelo…*
*.. Lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…Lovelovelo.*

1)..love Allah..
2)..love our Prophet (Nabi Muhammad)
3)..love Islam forever..
4)..love my mom n dad..
5)..love my fmily..
6)..love my lover..
7)..love my friends..
~all abOut love stOry~

==> haha, jd jiwang jap,
actually aku copy dr facebook sape ntah,
fren nenek aty n mak cik wan... <==

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Edited

Sesudah mengambil risiko kehilangan widget2 template lama,
akhirnya dpt gak ubah template br...
ubah selera la katakan...



Waaaaa, xtau nape rini ngantuk + penin + serabut sgt....

Nk tdor, refresh n reorganise blik sumernye...



Kena plan sekurg-kurgnya smpai jumaat next week...

SAD xsmbung g....
(dah lama tggal, ritu bkn men smgt g,)

WUS lak ada jualan...
(aduh, mlsnye nk jaga,)

Asinmen JINI x wat g....
(dahla xdtg lecture time tuh, cmna nk compare JINI n JADE)...

TEST Distributed g..'

SD n DCD x faham2 g...use case pun kena edit lg...
(harap2 tutor esok dah boleh fhm, n kena jmpa lecturer gak nih tuk tny)

Asinmen distributed lg,
(deadline asinmen 2 distributed just seminggu pas asinment satu, huhu)


Asinmen 2 ALGO?
(huh!!!,biar dulu la 2 mggu nih, buat apa yg patut dan yg perlu dulu,
bukan bermaksud mahu bertangguh ye..)





Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Title

No Content

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cuti? haha, aku cuti...

Mari kwn2..
kita buat apa yg patut...
huhu, cuba tgk blik jadual (jadual?)..

26/2 -> Deadline Asinment Distributed
24/2 -> Test Parallel

Pas Cuti (xtau bile) -> kena hntr design class diagram n interaction diagram tuk SAD

1/3 -> Deadline tuk algo

test algo lak, pas cuti..mybe mggu pas cuti tu kot...huhu
ke isnin? ntah la...xsure...huhu

so, cmna nk divide masa?
huhu, ntah...
wkt cuti ni nk wat apa?
ntah jugak...huhu

sblm hbis cuti,
or sblm ari isnin,
resume kena siapkan,
design class diagram kena siapkan..
algo lak da try coding die...huhu

so bnda lain xnk wat kew?
haha, 3-3 bnda tuh pun xsure g bleh hbis ke x...
tgklah cmna t...


so kwn2, marilah kita wat...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


khamis kul 12...
rombongan ke QB...
menonton wayang..
bertajuk Percy Jackson..

semuanya 16 org..hoho
1 kete, ntah bape moto ntah..
diorg g tgk the wolfman dulu,
pastu smbung tgk percy...
kami2 lak tgk percy je..

Sunday, February 7, 2010


| |
| |

Friday, January 29, 2010

To Do but Still Not Do? wth?!

jom wat keje...
things to do++

+ stdy algo
+ stdy sad
+ practise+buat c#
+ pe lg? ha, tgk citer.. :D

minor thing
- tutor sad
- tutor algo

perlu berterusan + start dr awal
+ projek sad -> report + application system
+ asinment algo

xtentu lg, kena research n blaja
+ distributed...simple? stdy about JINI and cari sample code die..
+ parallel? ntah...xbg asinment lg...mggu depan br blaja programming die..

Monday, January 25, 2010

haha..klaka ok..

kita marah org lain...
org lain yg sibuk...
then buat2 baik,
kata xmau nyibuk...
tp sndiri lak sibuk...

klaka kalo ada org ketiga campur,...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Very Useful Link For Me

Learn Programming Language

PDF Download

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Director : Chris Columbus (The Director of Harry Potter, Night at The Museum 2 and....)

Release Date : 11 Februari 2010

Plot Summary : It's the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson's Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they're not happy: Zeus' lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy's mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy's mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.

Actor/Actress :
Logan Lerman

Rosario Dawson

Uma Thurman
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Bean
Kevin McKidd

More Picture : Link
Source : IMDB

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Serious!!

Sem kali ni,
aku kena serious skit...
step by step i will change...
change my attitude and behaviour,
for this two days,
i already have follow my own schedule,
petang relax n main game,
malam pas makan, kul 10 keatas,
stdy and revision ( today lectures and also tomorrow lectures)
12 O'clock, naruto and other movie until 1 O'clock,
then sleep (plg lewat sblm kul 2 kena tidur)...
yeah, keep it up Matnor!!!!

lepas ni, kena ikut schedule tuk siapkan projek2 n assignment yg bertimbun dan berterusan tuh....so, my grup members, lets do our schedule and management...

Yosh, start arini grup cmt222 aku da jadi 4 org...
so, bila da jd 4 org, projek pun kena wat byk skit la module n function die...

Encik Wan Nazmee kata,
just buat prototype, keseluruhan projek xperlu siap+jadi sepenuhnya...
cmt222 lebih kepada SLC, projek management..
nk tgk cmna kita uruskan projek tuh...

It is an advantage for Ikhsan Najwa n Ezza...

SO, projek aku kali ni?
hmm, just a simple one...
xtau nk bg nama apa...
to ease teacher to record,monitor and compare the marks in the school...
with friendly interface,
alert student,teacher and parent if the student result is low/below average...
web site for student,parent to view the student marks and for parent to chat with the teacher...

Programming language?
hmm, we are using .net...
yeah, we just learn it a little bit by ourselve...
we just want to try to develop the system without using java if possible..

So, kpd teammate aku,
kali ni i want to be a strict person,
serious about our work...
biarlah korg nk kata aku sombong, berlagak, skema, poyo pun...
at first, i'm the team leader with just two of us that i believe his potential and ability,
but now it become four member...
do your work and be serious...
each of us have our own ability,strength and also weakness..
try to get and achieve our goal together...

Kalo xdpt wat,
rugi r aku...
kalo x watper aku kuar dr grup yg agk ok tuh?
tuk tahun ni aku xbersedia join grup diorg ada sebab,

-> to test my own skill and ability
-> try to compete with others and show others that we also can do it
-> and some other reason that i can't state here...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Have We Ever Change?