Sunday, April 4, 2010

When Lies Go On

Some1 tell me,
that life is a lie after all....
hmm, but i wouldn't admit it...
life is a gift, not a lie..
everything happen is real..
life only once...
then we die, back to where we belong...

some1 call me atok,
coz i'm babbling to my nanny,
she said that,
lying can make people happy,
so we lie,
just to make them happy,

yeah, i agree..
dunno i'm right or wrong, dun care, hehe
sometime we need to lie,
yeah there is a reason,
but not always,

dun wori, mee too..
a liar,
lying to people..

Title ; When Lies Go On?
ayt dlm post cam xda kena mengena pun..hoho


Lyapunov said...

Lies, no matter how small, still hurt man!! :)

akuKah.. said...

peoples lie.fullstop!