Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Email Client?

I agree with this statement;

The best free email program for Windows? The single best email client that works for everybody? It does not exist.
There exist no single email client that work best for all yet (I believe so :/ ).
As he said(; however at least one of the email client perfect for us.
Its up to our-self to choose which one suite us.

Why I agree? I'm not sure, haha because I'm really not sure what does it mean by "that works for everybody". Does it mean an email client that everybody can use and like? or an email client that can work for all email? Haha, I agree with the second one. Maybe I'm don't know the real setting for the email client.

I have more than 3 email. (Why bother have many email? Haha, one is for subscribing with any newsletter or other site that may send many unwanted email, one for official email, one is student email that i got, one is my streamyx email and so on)
So its kinda annoying to login to the site to check email frequently.

Thats why we use email client, we doesn't need to login website to read an email, just open the email client and the email client will retrieve the inbox from your email.

What I'm experiencing is that there is no single email client that can retrieve or works with all email. For example, Windows Live Mail, try to integrate it with my YahooMail! but it said only YahooMail Plus can work with it. :( But it can retrieve my Gmail inbox. As for Opera, it works well with my student.MSN email and also my YahooMail! but not with my Gmail. So do Thunderbird, i forgot either YahooMail! or Gmail! is not working in Thunderbird. Yeah, i have only try this three email client only.

And lastly I choose to use Opera because I'm using the Opera Browser and the email client already integrated with it. No bother to install others email client. And it works well for my YahooMail! and my MSN. What about my Gmail? I'm not concern to retrieve email inbox because I already change my Gmail setting to forward the email from Gmail inbox to my YahooMail! and also my MSN setting to forward all the email to YahooMail!. It should be no problem for me because all my email is gather in the YahooMail!.

Please think positive, not everything is perfect, what can we do is try to fully utilize all the function and suite it to our need, and choose your favorite one. :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


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