Tuesday, September 28, 2010

USM USMSecure Setting

** Cara setting sama untuk setting USMHotspot, ikut cara setting USMHotspot untuk settig USMSecure. http://wifi.usm.my/

*Ubah bahagian Security Type, jd WPA2-Enterprise


1)Go to

-> Start Menu

-> Control Panel

-> Network and Sharing Center

2) Choose Set Up a New Connection or Network

-> Choose Manually connect to a wireless network

-> Next, fill in

-> Click Next

3) When the new network successfully added,this option appear, choose it

4) Follow below configuration as shown in the picture

(Basically, no changes in Connection and Security Tab)

5) On the Security Tab, Click Setting

-> Untick Validate Server Certificate

-> Click Configure

-> Untick Automatically use my Windows logon

6) Click OK to all. :)


Username : student emel

Password : no ic

**For How to setup USMSecure in your MS Windows XP refer to this blog -> S.H.A.Z.M.I.L

**For How to setup USMSecure in your Android Device refer to this blog -> me <> you


cik kumbang said...

kalo window XP?

matnormyth89 said...

bukak link nih tuk XP

Anonymous said...

Good Information..thank u....boleh tak sy amik info awk ckit smpan kt blog sy?..nnt sy nak link blog awk kt post sy

matnormyth89 said...

haha boleh je..
amik la n sebarkan pada yg lain..

Mr Murcax said...

bro....klo kt WinMo cm HTC cmna lak setting nya?

matnormyth89 said...

Mr Murcax: maaf, xpasti lak tuk WinMo, kalo android, leh refer blog ammar, link kt ats..

kimhana said...

kenape yea, password n id xleh nk guneuntuk dftr USMSecure?kene perg dftr kt ppkt ke klu jd mcm tu?

matnormyth89 said...

username : emel
password: no ic

mungkin salah configure..sbb tu xdpt connect..cuba dptkn kepastian pada FB ICT USM https://www.facebook.com/pages/Keselamatan-ICT-USM/118800464798479?ref=ts

alia mohamad said...

kalau guna macbook camna pulak ya?

matnormyth89 said...

maaf, saya tak pasti macbook camna :)

Izwan Rani said...

klu android..kita da wat dia jd remembered..cmne tu??anroid jnis malysia