Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OOyeah..Last Sem..Third Year

27/12/2010..First Day Semester Terakhir..

Serupa tp x sama?

Pic 1

Pic 2

Ikhsan disalahkan sebab salah dftr..haha

Waaaa, dah start rindu dgn korg2 semua termasuklah Madu2 kesygn aku..haha

CLT301 - 6 Unit
AKP202 - 4 Unit
LHP456 - 2 Unit
CST335 - 3 Unit
CMT322 - 3 Unit
HPW102 - 2 Unit

Dua Pilihan Utama Kami -> CST332 or CMT322

Tapi aku Pilih Web - > CMT322

theMythstooDstiLL: Mungkinkah aku sorg je bebudak third year yg amik web??

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Myth Opera 11.0

Just Updated My Opera Web Browser.

Some New and Improve Features.

Why I Use Opera instead of the popular and famous Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Other reason not sure duh.

  • The main reason why i moved from firefox to Opera is because long time ago (actually not really long) -> Whenever i open new tab in firefox or new page(website), my firefox hang for a little while. Very annoying. So i take other alternative , use other browser. And Opera come in mind because i want to try something different from others.
  • Second reason: I'm searching for Mail Client. And I found out that Opera has built-in Mail Client.
  • Third Reason: I always format my laptop so i need to Install firefox and Reinstall all the add-on that i use. In Opera, just install Opera and all what i needed is in there. Bookmark especially.


Why I Like to use Opera?

  • Mail Client:Yup, built-in mail client. Just open Opera, while browsing the web, the Opera Mail will check and retrieve our emel and notify us. We just read the emel from our Opera Browser. No Need to sign in on the Mail Website (Yahoo, Gmail)
  • Speed Dial: Very convinient for me. In Firefox, there is also an add-on called Speed Dial( or Fast Dial i'm not sure) that i use before. In Opera, it already there. No need add-on installation.
  • Bookmark Manager: My Bookmark is easy to manage. Drag and Drop. Grouping. Dropdown and Choose. Save/export the bookmark then import back.
  • Opera Link: Sync the bookmark and speed dial.
  • Default Left Panel: Yup thats the feature of Opera. At the very left, there is a panel that can be easily hide/show. What is in the panel and the use? To ease user to manage thing like bookmark and mail without openaing new tab.
  • History: Same as Bookmark Manager, History also can be manage. In case u like to keep all visited page history and you would like to visit it again (but don't remember the date, just browse and choose from the history panel) or there is some page address/history that you don't want people to know that you had visit, just select the page history and delete (No need delete all history)
  • Password Manager: Easily keep our login information (if we want), the second time we open the page. Just click the Icon and taadaa we had login back. Kinda risky if other people use our Laptop. With it, we also can see which site have we save the login information and delete whichever we don't want. It doesn't show the password and username. Just page/website url/name.
  • Appearence: The default theme is Simple yet Elegant and Tidy (For me)


Other Opera Features that I found interesting/like:

  • Site Preference: Why interesting? It can hide our browser identification. What i mean is website like tracemyip.org can trace our IP,Web Browser,OS and so on. When open the traemyip, it will detect that we are using Opera,but using the Opera Site Preference, we can disguise as other browser (Firefox,IE). When activate,Tracemyip.org will detect that we are using Firefox instead of Opera. Kinda interesting.
  • Opera Dragonfly: Kinda usefull to developer (Web or so on). An integrated debugging environment.We can inspect each element of the visited/opened website and look at the source code (specific code/data for specific element). Test javascript.
  • BitTorrent: Support bittorrent download.
  • Feeds: Subscribe the feeds of the website using Opera Feeds. No Need open Google or other to subscribe and read the web feed. SImilar to Mail Client.
  • Geolocation: Share our location with geolocation supported website like Google Maps or even Twitter. (Yup, even without geolocation, twitter can detect the location..I think)
  • Block Content: Can choose which one to be block. (Firefox Add-on-> AdBlock maybe..automatic block)
  • Open With: Right Click and open thecurrent site/page with other browser. (Very useful in certain time if the layout or something not functioning in Opera.)
  • Website Security: See the security of the website. Trusted, Secure, Encrypted. Whether the connection is encrypted and save to exchange sensitive information using the website. Wheter the website provide enough information and the record is clean. Report the website. Etc.


Some other Opera feature:

  • Private Tab and Private Window (Similar to Private Browsing in Firefox)
  • Look into Tab: Preview the Tab Content (Website) when mouseover the tab.
  • Stacking Tab.
  • And so on......other..bla bla bla..not interest with other..haha


Bad side of Opera:

  • Too many Resource/Processes memory use. (Don't know what it was call). Open Task Manager and look under the Processes Tab. Opera consume much more memory than others. (Opera 100,000k while Firefox 70,000k)
  • Too many additional thing that are not realize or fully use by the user :D
  • Too many sarcasm out there about the browser comparison (For example, most pre-installed computer has IE. Normal user like My Mom,Younger Sister or others outside, will only use IE because it already there. Only need to browse the web, don't bother with other thing. Opera, wasteful because ,many function and consume much memory but many/most people don't fully use it) ZZZZzzz
  • New Opera (10.00 and above) can't integrated with Download Manager (FDM, IDM etc)
  • Sometimes, to activate/use flash/javascript in the website, need to click at the object first to activate it. (I believe for security purpose maybe. Prevent some script to activate without user consent)
  • Etc...



For Me. I'm satisfied with Opera. Suit my need. Although i'm currently use Opera,but sometimes i use Firefox. Why? Whenever i want to download (Because just click the link, then my FDM detect it and download). Also whenever want to download streaming video such as in FB or Youtube. Actually most of the feature is in Firefox (need to install Firefox Add-on) and i'm always install (long time ago while i'm still use firefox).

I found out the reason why my Firefox always 'hang', it is because of the BitDefender Phising tool add-on in the firefox. Need to disable it then my firefox is Ok.

P/s: This is not a comparison,promote or 'Pengampuan', Just why I Use Opera and my personal view. (Bukan dpt bayaran pun kalau promote, buang karen je..haha)

Opera Feature

Opera Help

Good comparison is when two (or more) product is compare in a way that people see the similarities and differences. And the Writer also state the good and bad for each product. And after that, ups to the writer/reviewer to choose which product they like. -themythstoodstill

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jom Daftar Sebagai Pengundi

PRU13 Sudah Hampir

Aku pun dh cukup 21 Tahun..

Dah boleh mendaftar..

Yok, tunaikan tanggungjawab..:) haha

4.69 Juta belum mendaftar..

Syarat Mendaftar: Berumur 21 Tahun Ke Atas

Tempat Daftar Undi:

a)Ibu Pejabat SPR Malaysia
Tingkat Bawah, Blok C7, Kompleks C
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62690 Putrajaya
No. Telefon: 03-88856686

b) Pejabat-Pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri[Link]

c) Pejabat-Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh Negara[Link]

d) Penolong Pendaftar[Link]

Yup, ada dengar citer leh dftar on9, tp aku google, xda pun..

ada mmg ada, tp individu persendirian yang buat,

yang dr pihak SPR sendiri, xsure lak dah ada lum

ni link berita SPR nak buat daftar Online

Tempat Mengundi: Ikut Alamat pada IC

Dah daftar? Nak semak nama?

Semak Sini

Jom Daftar!! Sekali Sahaja!! Pasni Takyah Daftar dh..

Marilah Mari

Mari Mengundi

Tunaikan Kewajipan

Pada Negara

themythstoodstill: Awal tahun aritu kat Pjbt Pos dlm Tesco SP pun boleh daftar pengundi kat situ..tp nk g daftar tu yang mls..huhu

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enable Disabled Task Manager

Erkk, betul ke maksud tajuk tu? zzzz

1. Click Start 

2. Click Run


4. Click OK The Registry Editor will now open

Browse to the following key:



5. In the right pane, look for the value: DisableTaskMgr

Right click DisableTaskMgr and select Delete. (When prompted with "Are you sure you want to delete this value", select Yes.

6. Now browse to the following key: 



7. In the right pane, look for the value: DisableTaskMgr

Right click DisableTaskMgr and select Delete. (When prompted with "Are you sure you want to delete this value", select Yes.

8. Close the Registry by choosing File | Exit

You should now be able to access Task Manager. If not, reboot into Safe Mode and repeat the steps outlined above.

Src: antivirusabout.com