Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Job Opportunity

Before we call you for an interview we would like to see
how deep your knowledge on web development tasks.
If we see that your knowledge is up to par,
we will then set an interview date.

Before 21st March, I need to give them the details of my two LI project, Latihan Mengajar (LM) Web System and Online Publication System. He said it can be details or briefly.

  • Technologies and why it was choosen
  • Development approach
  • any obstacle faced during development
  • any others details

Owh, my first job oppurtunity ever. At least ada gak harapan (walaupun rasanya xdapat kena panggil interview pun rasanya haha).

Anyway thanks to Mr Kamal from Marimore Inc for that opportunity. At least lega skit aku sebab sekurang-kurangnya aku tau kt luar sana ada company yang tak tengok sangat pointer.

Gambate!! I need to have an added value. Mmm, polish up my skill and technique and do the best in FYP. FYP? haha


aurox_3d said...

fyp ??? hehehe...masihkah ada harapan dan ruang??? hee.....erm2, study pasal web2.0 dengan html5.

Anonymous said...
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